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Magasa – Cima Rest – Museum

Km. 20 – MAGASA – CIMA REST – Ethnographic Museum : staged in a characteristic hay barn in the hamlet of Cima Rest, this museum offers visitors the opportunity to understand the Valley and its features, which have gradually been added over time, like a mosaic. The objects displayed in the museum were chosen for their symbolic value, as well as their cultural and artistic heritage.
Magasa – Cima Rest

Gardone R. – Il Vittoriale

Km. 12 – GARDONE RIVIERA – Il Vittoriale degli Italiani: the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio lived in Gardone Riviera until his death. Here he created a home and a monument – the Vittoriale degli Italiani – to the daring undertakings of the First World War. The result was this structured complex of buildings surrounded by vast grounds.
Il Vittoriale

Toscolano – Paper Museum

Km. 5 – TOSCOLANO MADERNO – Museo della Carta (Paper Museum): This museum displays relics and machinery from centuries of production, and photographs and engravings recounting the history of this flourishing local industry. The valleys carved by the Toscolano river have provided the ideal location for paper production since 1300. The river has provided hydraulic energy through the years and the dry, windy climate is ideal for drying the paper.
Paper museum

Tignale – Visitor’s Center

Km. 15 – TIGNALE – Centro Visitatori Parco Alto Garda Bresciano (Visitors’ Centre): This museum consolidates and shows off the features of our park, including its flora, fauna, ancient agricultural and mountainous economies and modern tourist economies. The heart of the Visitors’ Centre is a path that snakes its way through images and sounds, evoking known characters and restoring environments, nature and displaying collections of old work tools, short films and interactive stations.
Museo del parco Alto Garda

Gargnano : S. Giacomo Church in Calino

Built right on the beach 2 km north of the town, the church is surrounded by numerous citrus groves and is one of the oldest Christian churches on the lake. Several frescoes from the 13th century decorate the facade; one depicts Saint Christopher, the patron saint of travelers.